Free Digital Marketing Audit

Free audit

In the online age, websites are the most important place to invest time and money as they bring new business and are the showcase for your company products or services and your portfolio. This could be an online ecommerce store, or lead generation site. Either way, your focus should be on customer experience and usability, but you may also need a technical audit on the site.

Most Digital Marketing companies offer a free audit to open dialogue to get you talking, which leads to upselling of their services. We are no different, there is no such thing as a free lunch after all. Most people know this, and use it to their advantage too so it’s good to make sure this is transparent and clear. Some company audits are better than others; either just them utilising tools to scan your site and do the hard work for them, or by spending their real-time on deep diving your site to understand it. We do both, the site scan is to make sure we don’t miss anything. The time investment is to see the things the scans will never see.

It stands to reason that you’d be rightly cautious when engaging a new Digital Marketing Agency. Firstly there are many out there, all promising they are the best. Secondly, they range vastly in price, so you can’t afford to get locked into a long-term contract for bad service (again a timely reminder we don’t do contracts here, we maintain our client base by doing a good job). A gratis audit is a great way to get an agency to prove they know their stuff, and we have the following:

Free audit and consultation

This is an introduction so is an informed but brief look at your ad account or website and a discussion on what you are looking for. Most companies are cautious of time-wasters and data-miners, so these are usually very high-level audits, pointing out general strategies and seeing if there are obvious improvements we can make.

These free audits are designed to start a dialogue to see if we can get a good feel for each other. Whether it’s us or another agency doing a free audit, it should be used as an opportunity for the agency to look at your account. Be aware that this opportunity can be used by unscrupulous agencies to upsell you an account restructure (typically 5 hours work), keyword research, new website etc. Yes these can help and in some cases may be needed, but if this happens please seek a second opinion. It is always possible to run campaigns without doing this, and we’d happily give you an honest opinion regardless if you want our digital marketing services or not.

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