Why you need PPC training in 2019

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With the news Google are making changes to accounts without consent (unless you opt out), it is more crucial than ever for small business owners to know and understand PPC. This move has been coming, they have actually been doing this for a while in their phone calls. You know the ones, when they call repeatedly to give business advice which usually is to increase the max cost per click. Digital Marketing Training has never been so crucial.


Their version of getting consent is by you NOT opting out in 7 days from an email linked to your adword account. Of course this is likely a specific gmail account likely only used for adwords and not monitored. Of course you can opt out at any time, providing you look at your change history and see an email address you don’t recognise making changes (likely to be increasing max cpc or changing the campaign objective). More than likely you will only be alerted when a big Google bill comes out of your account. Maybe there will be a pop-up added on your adwords when you go on. I suspect not though.


Maybe my cynicism is unfounded, and that these google ad managers will be a God-Send to every small business who can’t afford an expert to management them. But previous history of Google tactics suggests this is another attempt at getting control over ad spend to fuel those bidding wars. I personally would not trust someone who gains financially the more I spend on ads. Give me someone independent and results driven any day of the week.


So if this change takes off then the need for these small companies to understand their PPC ads is even more essential. So our famed PPC training is likely exactly what everyone needs.

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